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A songdoc is a document about a song...

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What's this?

Songdocs.com is a website where you can find ready-to-print documents about songs. The songs are all well documented, with song texts and background stories that are easy to print and, if available, contain links to the sheet music, good YouTube performances and other valued sources aroud the internet. The SongDocs are available as Word-documents that can be downloaded by anyone for free and without the hassle of registration.

Why SongDocs.com? The added value of SongDocs.com is mainly to reduce the tedious search and formatting work for people that are looking for new songs. This work we've been doing for ourselves for a couple of years. So we thought: "why not share it with all of you?"

Visitor profile: anyone who want to learn a song.
  • Before you decide to learn a song, you need some good sample performances.
  • If you want to learn a song, you need the text and maybe the sheet music.
  • If you perform a song, you may want to know some background.

Our visitors like to sing and play and we prepare the songdocs.

Each song gets identified by one or more names, so that there can be made all kind of references, such as the versions of a song, the composers, the bands and artists that perform the song with YouTube-videos and links to their websites, the place, area or famous event where it is about, the year when it is composed, etcetera.

What about copyrights? We only want to publish songdocs that are digitally available anyway. We just bundle the information. If someone claims the copyright and doesn't agree with our publication, we will remove the songdoc. However, we think most artists and composers will appreciate our contribution to presenting their creative work to the public and linking to their websites where their band can be booked, CD's can be ordered, etc.

Links to other music sources

www.martindardis.com many well documented songs by Martin Dardis.
www.irishsongs.com many well documented songs by Donal O'Shaughnessy.

Please don't go illegal
What about mp3 files? We will not distribute mp3-files if it is illegal. If they are there on the internet, we will link to them. That saves space and bandwidth too. If possible we will embed the links to the official mp3-files on amazon.com. Usually it's only a dollar to buy one! Not only you help the professional artists to make a living, but you help us as well, because we earn 10 cents if you buy through this website. Thanks in advance for your order!

Why are there mainly Traditional Irish songs? This site has just started and we did the work on the Irish songs anyway. If we can make a living out of this we will add more styles.

Thanks for your visit!